I’m 'Aliyah Karen.
I Help Turn Things Around. I Believe We Win Some, We Give Up Some.

Dato’ ‘Aliyah is a renowned entrepreneur and a trailblazer in sustainability reporting, holding the copyright to this crucial aspect of transprency and accountability. With a passion for assisting SMEs, foundations, and mid-sized organizations in showcasing their organizaton’s strengths through impactful storytelling, she exercises her expertise to ensure their focus and impact are effectively communicated.


In 2020, amidst pursuing her doctorate, Dato’ ‘Aliyah successfully established five thriving entities, exemplifying her exceptional multitasking abilities and entrepreneurial acumen. Her illustrious career spans various domains, including healthcare, training, leadership, capacity building, education, PR, Branding, publicity and entrepreneurship, where she has garnered a wealth of experience.


Beyond her corporate endeavors, Dato’ ‘Aliyah is deeply committed to humanitarian causes and education, actively participating in numerous local and global initiatives. As an Adjunct Professor at UNITAR International, an Associate Fellow at University Utara Malaysia (UUM), and a Community of Practitioner (COP) for University Putra Malaysia (UPM), she shares her expertise and enriches the academic landscape.


Dato’ ‘Aliyah’s advocacy extends to healthcare, training and development, diversity and inclusion, women entrepreneurship, and yiutg empowerment, reflecting her dedication to fostering positive change in society. With her leadership and expertise, she continues to inspire and empower individuals and organizations alike to achieve their fullest potential.

"Don't Do Charity, Do Humanity.
It's A Lifestyle"

Advisor & Consultant

  • I advocate good governance & transparency in all projects I undertake.
  • I advise and consult on nonprofits & new dialysis establishments & operational management.
  • I am a Global speaker, a certified trainer, investor and founder of AKRAB, YHOW, ABA Resources, ALOF.
  • I speak on Sustainability Reporting, DEI, and Funding and train on Essential ( soft) skills, Self-branding and agility in organizational development.
  • Adjunct Prof for UNITAR & UPM. Education is the exit from poverty!

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Advisory for Non Profit Management

Dialysis / Clinical Management

Training (Essential Skills)

Speaker & Panelist

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